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Family Law

Family Law Attorneys in Houston Manage Complex Matters

Dedicated Texas attorneys handle divorces and other domestic concerns

Divorce, child custody, alimony and adoption are handled competently when you work with our family law practice. The Childs Law Firm, P.C., in Houston,  serves clients in the city’s metro area and throughout Galveston and Brazoria counties. When family is involved, emotions run high and knowing what to do isn’t always easy. Our attorneys have a reputation for being caring, knowledgeable and responsive. We build relationships with our clients that help them prepare for life’s changes.

Adoption is less nerve-wracking with the right lawyer

The decision to adopt is a big one, and then there is the often frustrating legal process of actually adopting a child. We walk you through the process step by step, taking care to make sure you understand exactly what is happening at each stage. From the initial information meeting to the family home study, we ensure you are always prepared to add a child to your family.

Alimony and child support are handled properly with our firm

Whether you are the one seeking alimony (known as spousal maintenance in Texas) or the one being asked to pay, it is important to have an attorney with you to ensure that your rights are being upheld. Spousal maintenance is usually restricted to instances where a spouse cannot meet their basic needs because they have a disability, have a special needs child or have stayed home during a marriage that lasted at least 10 years. While both parents must support their children, child support payments are required of the noncustodial parent and are based on a range of factors, including the net income of the paying parent and state guidelines. We will press for fair payments in both types of support.

Child custody and visitation rights are protected when you work with us

Our firm encourages parents to work out an amicable arrangement regarding child custody, known in Texas as conservatorship. For these situations and questions regarding residence and visitation, known as possession and access, courts make determinations based on what is in the child’s best interests. Our lawyers conduct a thorough review to give our clients’ children the best chance to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents and to grow up in a healthy, supportive environment.

Knowledgeable, experienced lawyers get you through your divorce

Divorce isn’t easy, but with a reliable attorney, you can get through it and emerge in a better place. Though most couples choose to end their marriage on a no-fault basis, by declaring that their marriage is insupportable and cannot be fixed, traditional fault grounds such as adultery and cruelty are still available. If you are unsure about the best way to proceed, we’ll detail your options. We offer personalized attention, unwavering dedication and a commitment to reaching a legal resolution no matter what the situation.

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For help with a family law matter in the greater Houston area, The Childs Law Firm, P.C. offers careful guidance and comprehensive advocacy. Call us at 281-968-4625 or contact us online to set up your consultation.

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