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Determining the identity of a child’s biological father can be beneficial to all parties involved.

At our firm, we know that establishing paternity is important, and we can help you establish who the father is as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with your life or potentially pursue child support.

Reasons to Complete a Paternity Test

There are a few reasons someone may request a paternity test be completed. For fathers, establishing paternity means that you would be able to have visitation rights with your child, and custody agreements could be altered. Determining that you fathered the child in question would enforce your parental rights and access to the child.

Mothers looking to establish paternity on their child’s birth certificate may be able to hold the biological father of the child accountable for child support. Some parents wish to have both of their names made known on their child’s birth certificate so that the child can be entitled to inheritance in the future.

DNA Testing

There are a few ways that a DNA test can be administered to prove paternity. The most common form of genetic testing is the mouth swab, for which a DNA sample is collected from the cheek of the alleged father and the child. These tests can be given voluntarily or requested by a court to stand as evidence in family law cases.

If you are facing a parental dispute and are in need of a family law attorney, do not hesitate to contact Eraka Childs right away. Our firm has 23 years of experience in offering outstanding representation to clients, and we may be able to assist you as well. Contact our firm today to schedule case evaluation.

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