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Making Plans For The Road Ahead

During these uncertain times, it is understandable if you feel powerless about the years ahead. However, worrying about your future won’t change your situation. Taking action will.

You can take steps today to assert control over your life, your legacy and your wishes, and we can help. At The Childs Law Firm, P.C., we create estate plans for Harris County residents that allow them to look to the future with hope and not fear. Since 1986, we have worked alongside our clients, using our insight to achieve their goals.

Designing An Estate Plan That Addresses Your Needs

Estate plans aren’t only for high net worth individuals and their family members. You should consider creating an estate plan if:

  • You are concerned about safeguarding your welfare or finances in the event of incapacitation
  • You have young children and need to select a guardian for their care
  • You have possessions that you would like to bequeath to specific loved ones
  • You wish to protect your assets from creditors or to minimize your tax obligations

The right estate planning tools can accomplish these objectives and more. Our team is qualified to create an estate plan that includes wills, advanced directives and living trusts. We regularly draft and revise estate planning instruments for clients from all walks of life at all stages of life. Whether you are a new parent, are considering divorce or are entering your golden years, she is equipped to assess your needs and determine the best solution for you.

Detailed Probate Administration

The administration of an estate either with or without a will can be complex. We offer experienced probate and estate administration services that hones in on each aspect of the process for an efficient and effective resolution. If probate matters are disputed, we can skillfully litigate in your best interests.

Take The First Step Today

It’s never too early to begin planning for your future. Talk to our lawyer about your concerns and begin working toward a solution. We offer private consultations with all potential clients. You can easily make an appointment using our online form or by calling our Houston office at 281-800-9466.